Decisions, schmisions

Well, it’s officially been three weeks, today that we’ve been engaged. It’s amazing how time flies. Yet, here on out it feels as though November 2012 will never get here. It’s a century away! And I’m O.K. with that seeing as we have  a lot of 1.) money to save, 2.) decision to make and 3.) ideas to turn into crafty project successes!

Three weeks and where are we  at? Well, we’ve picked a few dates, researched reception halls, toured three and decided on one; visited one church and generated a guest list. How about that? Ha! I’m not sure if that’s moving fast, slow or just right. For us, it seems to be just right. For me, it’s good. I’m just wishing the reception hall rep would give me a call back already so we can put the down payment on the CC and have it officially! C’mon man, do you know who you are dealing with? Or, is this a sign for me to re-think our decision.

It’s been three weeks and I’ve been bombarded with thoughts which have led to some decisions and some that have given me headache or caused me to stay up at night staring at the ceiling in thought. Yes, week three folks. I’m scared to see what the future brings. I’ve never been great with decisions and now, is the decision-making time of my life! If you’re anything like me and tend to have more options than you are capable of thinking of, take a minute and help yourself out – before you need professional help.

Focus on what you don’t like. It’s easier to see something and know you don’t like it.  Well, most of the time. Be careful not to put it on the back burner as a back-up. It’s the first time in your life you don’t have to like something. I’m talking material items, not people. If you get my drift.

Take notes. Alright, I’ll pull a Rory Gilmore here and admit to my pro and con list. It’s simple, easy and to the point. You liked this and you didn’t like that. Compare and rank.

Do the “oh shit test”. It’s something I recently learned but boy has it helped. Even at the first explanation, it gave me my initial instinct and therefore answer. What do you do? You have your two options. You get a quarter and you assign heads to one option, tales to another. Then, flip the quarter. Listen to yourself and how you feel. You are either happy with the answer or you are “oh shit” and there is your answer. My fiance and I did a moderated version to decide on or reception place. We counted to 3 and said the first place that came to mind. Hey it worked. We later solidified it in front of the beer coolers at a Nordest bar. Yes, we are losers.

You don’t have to love it. You already have a love of your life. Why look for 188 more? I’m talking 188 items on your Knot ‘to-do’ list that you have to find, do or decide on. Too many girls set the bars too high and think they have to absolutely love it and only it to make the decision. Why? Instead of deciding on hate, like or love it, why not ask yourself if you are happy with it and if you’ll be happy with what you can do with it. That right there, is a DIYB attitude.

You know, I’ve got a lot of decisions ahead of me. Ok, that’s an understatement. If I let them get the best of me now, it’s going to be a long and not so fun year plus engagement. Rather, I’ll try to listen to myself and try to avoid the continual circle of no decision and instead make a decision that I am happy with. Sounds good to me. Let’s try it.


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