Finding Our Own Church

DIY takes a turn from the craftiness to taking actual actions and searching for a church of our own. Sure, we both have churches that our families are apart of; however, neither place has truly become our own. Perhaps it is because we aren’t that religious. We belong to churches, but churches of different backgrounds. While religion hasn’t played much of a role in our relationship, we are choosing now to make it an important aspect.

Finding a church can be a gruesome and daunting process. While we are interested in finding a place of our own to not only get married in, but to become a part of we are on a bit of a time-constraint. You could spend well over a year trying different churches and getting to know their feel, their values and their congregation. Rather than trying out every option under the sun, we narrowed in on a domination that combined both of our backgrounds.

We were lucky enough to find a church at the second church on our attendee list. A church that we both liked: the structure, the decoration, the music and the sermon. All of it. No, we aren’t jumping the guns and joining the church based off our one-time visit, we’ll return over the next couple of months to ensure our liking and fit within the congregation.  Until then, we’ll continue with our preparing and DIY style.

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