Engagement: Month One


I am not sure what my expectations were for the first month of being engaged. Or, as a matter of fact, that I had any. All I know is that it went by fast, super fast.

In the first 30 days of being engaged we’ve really progressed, relationship wise and planning wise. I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined, dreamed or hoped for a month that we’ve just lived. Life was, well, perfect.

Yes, I did just say that.

While the ring glistened, so did our love and affection towards each other. Our relationship has grown stronger and stronger. Zach’s been a doll ever since he was on one knee. Surprising me at work, taking me out to eat; showering me with unconditional support and more surprises than my lifetime!

Each day was met with a smile and a vibrant heart; solidifying the decision we’d made to start our journey towards marriage. And together, we started to plan.

Step One: draft a guest list so you have an idea of how big of venue you did, how much food will cost and how much you’ll have to cut it down.  [Our guest list: 280.]

Step Two: think of a date, month or season you’d want to get married and work on finding a commonly liked date, month or season.    [Date: November 2, 2012.]

Step Three: determine a budget and ideal plan to meet/pay budgeted amount.  [Budget picked, attainment still in the works.]

Step Four: research venues and contact them for availability and cost.

Step Five: visit a select few reception venues to start putting your dreams in action.

Step Six: book a reception venue.  [Fountains of Ramsey + Wells Catering]

Step Seven: visit a few churches for options to join and get married in.

Step Eight: decide on a church.  [BPEF.]

Step Nine: start pondering ideas for who to include in your wedding party.  [ideas are churning on what may be the hardest decision of the entire processes.]

End month one of engagement. 14 more to go, with 180 to-dos left. While we got some of the biggest items done, I’m relieved to know that we have a date. Eeeeee!

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