Choosing A Date

There are 365 days in a year, which of those days is going to be the lucky date in which will be your wedding day? What I first thought was going to be an incentive soon turned into a nightmare. Being impartial to a certain date, we were left with a variety of choices. The variety of choices soon became an indecisive challenge. Trying to find dates that we matched up on, even more challenging. You try picking a date, or even two and have them be the same date as your fiancé. That’s… well I’m not sure what those odds are – I am done with statistics.

With 365 days to choose from, we had to do something to help narrow down our choice. We started thinking of general questions:

What time of year did we like? Well, Christmas is one of our favorite times of years. Instantly, I fell in love with the idea of a Christmasy wedding.. until I began to think of that flakey, white stuff Minnesota is so infamous for. I thought I could deal with it – whatever happened, happened. Not even 24 hours after I dreamed up our entire ceremony, I was already nervous for the change of snow. Christmas was out.

Perhaps fall? While three of my closest girlfriends have all gotten married in October in the last two years, I was not a fan of falling in suite. Fall was out. Or, was it? Late fall could be an option. November was just outside of October, the new June.

What day did we like? Did we have a preference between Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday? Well, we knew we wanted it either Friday or Saturday. Which left us with two dates to include in our options.

What are our favorite numbers? Obviously, the 1st is a favorite and meaningful to us. I decided I liked single digits or numbers up to 15 the best. Why? I don’t know. Yes, I think it’s weird, too. But it was something I new I didn’t like!

Between the two of us, we wrote down four dates. We did not match on any dates, but he fell in love with a date I proposed. And that was that. November 2 or 3 it was.

What made our final decision was a combination of price and preference in Friday to be a bit off the cuff; different. Friday, November 2, 2012 was chosen after visiting three reception sites. Eleven-two-Twelve. Has a ring to it; looks perfect.

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One Response to Choosing A Date

  1. My Delicious Life says:

    Picking out a date is stressful! Luckily, it just so happened that our dating anniversary fell on a Saturday in 2012, so we just picked that day!

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