A Way to Get What I Want

Well, I know I’m far from taming a Groomzilla, but I do have a quite involved groom. Or so, it started out that way. From the days long before we were engaged, he’d proclaimed his interest in being apart of “stuff”.

I’m not so sure he knew exactly what was all involved with planning or what his thoughts of being involved were in comparison with mine. But, he started out ready to jump into it!

Just over a week we were at Caribou on a planning date. Wow! A guest list was created and a venue list was started – all with the help of my groom-to-be.

He was with on the trips to the reception halls. We had discussions about churches, wedding party and the latest on a wedding planner.

The trick of the discussions are the timing. Talk about it in the car, its not the right time. A discussion over dinner date, is alright. To get what you really want, go for the football game. While I didn’t plan on the clever timing, it worked out great!

I mentioned the meeting I’d had and what connections were going to come of it. He showed interest. I continued with my thoughts of hiring her as an day-of coordinator. And he okayed it; I sat in a bit of shock. Really? Ok.

“Yesss!” I exclaimed.

“Wait, I don’t understand what all you’re telling me” he tried to take it back.

Too late, I found my time to ask and get the answer I want. Oh football, I guess you have a few good purposes. Not to mention a nice bartering topic, too! So maybe the next 6 months won’t be all that bad after all. I could really get a lot of decisions done if I learn from this one!

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One Response to A Way to Get What I Want

  1. Nick SantaCroce says:

    Hi there!

    We are doing a segment on our show about the “groom takoever” and thought I might try to contact you. The segment is all about heavily involved grooms and should be a lot of fun. Shoot me an e-mail for details.


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