Time is of the essence.

So, apparently, when you are saving for a wedding by working two jobs, you don’t have much free time. Throw in training for a half marathon, and you have little to none. Add in two weeks of travel for work and there is zip-o time to do anything other than sleep, eat and remember to be you.

As you can tell, I’ve been MIA. And the reasons have been laid out. To put it simply, I’m busy. When I’m not busy, I’m tired. When I’m not tired, I’m out doing things on my ‘to do’ list. Where is there time for blogging? Well, perhaps I need to pencil in some time to focus and bring be back on-track.

368 days to go. Time is of the essence. We’ll make-do with what we have and continue to be OK with the time we don’t. Everything will fall into place and I will have time be absorbed in wedding before I know it, wishing this time back upon me.

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