Busy Bee

Alive and, well, busy. Surprise, surprise. Most days I find myself asking, “where to begin”? It’s a common occurrence lately. A plan would be nice. But when there’s no time to think about a plan, a plan in itself is hard to come by, a challenge to follow and almost impossible to conquer.

So how am I not a mess? Well, I’ve learned – am learning – to adapt. A plan is in store, mentally. Yes, the mind is a great thing. Mine has come to juggle like a master circus juggler; I might just consider joining the circus with my talents! Watch out world, I may have just found my true calling and I’m ready to capitalize.

So while I gallivant from day time job to night time job; from wedding meeting to wedding planning; to friend outings from the comfort of sweatpants and the couch I’m living live as it comes. How refreshing. Who woulda thunk. Just over 11 months away and here I am, enjoying the thrill of living “on edge”

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