Abercrombie or Wedding Shop?

I have a problem. A big problem. Forget the minor irritation of the Christmas engagement cliché because I’ve got bigger battles to pick. One of which is the presentation of females in wedding dresses – online, in print, in person; all of the above.

I may or may not have ventured onto a few sites today to do some monitor shopping to get ideas, dislikes and possible true-loves. While I’m at a loss of what style I may like, what I’m attracted to or what may best compliment my body; I grew more and more agitated as I looked at dress after dress.

Was I looking at woman’s bridal gowns or child’s ball gowns? Seriously, the females depicted in an abundance of dresses looked to be no older than a teenager! Case in point, the photo will remain unaccredited as to leave the bridal company disclosed.

This is real appealing to me. Because I’m such a teenager totally, excited over my totally awesome wedding… Cha!

SERIOUSLY? Why? Am I looking at an Abercrombie ad? What are the thoughts behind this? You might as well be targeting teenagers to skip their prom and jump straight to the alter, it’s what everyone is doing – apparently.

No wonder we have brides warning off unwanted inches, frail as a Barbie doll and obsessing over being the thinnest they’ve ever been. When you see a dress on a child, it is going to look different than it looks when your womanly figure steps into it. I could go on and rant about the misrepresentation of female brides, the pressure to be thin; continuation of media images into bridal shops and homes, despicable nods to woman of a healthy size – but I won’t.

I’ll continue to throw Cheetos at the screen and demand that the girl-child in front of me eat.

*Caution, co-workers and family members you may be amongst random piles of Cheetos. Go ahead, I encourage you, too, to eat!*

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