After months of anticipation, much thought, debate and a few arguments thrown in the mix, our decisions are made. Five has always been a number running through my life – my dad’s lucky number, the number of kids I was constantly around; the number in my phone number and first number to come to mind every time I had to choose a number. Five. A lovely number in and of itself and an even lovelier number for a wedding party.

Sure, I may want to include everyone but let’s face it – it’s not a shit-show and how much money would that end up costing?! Not that money is the reason I skimmed down; rather, the idea of having 16 people around us on the alter was asking for something to go wrong. The ten we’ve got is trouble in itself. Yes, watch you, gentlemen, I’ve got my eye on you…

We’ve got ourselves a bridesmaid, folks! One very lucky little girl – at least in my eyes, she will forever be a little girl. Even as she matures into her college-living years on the path to Lawyerdom, she will still be the bubbly 8 year-old learning NSYNC lyrics with me, making crafts and sleeping besides me in a twin bed. Yes, Miss Makenzie, my love is the first bridesmaid-to-be.

My life would not be complete without you in it. Thank you for letting me into your heart as so much more than a cousin – a sister, a friend, a love, a yang & soon to be bridesmaid! You’ve blessed me with more than you could ever know! I’m anxious & ecstatic to have you along side of me through this next life-journey. I’m ready to turn the memories of NSYNC days, twin beds & summer-living into a more ‘matured’ group of memories. While we both continue to grow, please, don’t let me forget to be silly-and-stupid, laugh more than necessary & enjoy the life He’s given me, with you in it. Love love. To pluto + back.

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