Hello 2012, I’m here to rock it.

2012, you are MY year. I’m here to rock it. Oh, and get married. Cheers to a new year; slowly finishing one chapter of life while drafting the begining another. A year full of planning and executing; creating and loving.

2012 is a year about me. A year for me to be selfish, perhaps a bitch, at times. A year to focus on my life as my dreams of what was once so far fetched it almost slipped through my grasp. 2012 is a year so long overdue I can only hope to live each day at a time; treasuring the memories as they happen and live them beyond their expected potential.

10 months from today, my world will be flipped upside down; spun around and completely anew. 305 days… I don’t know whether or not to laugh, scream, or hyperventalate. What I will do is detox. Spend the month spending less money, eating less junk and doing less. Detox to cleanse my body, mind and spirit of junk, habbits and energizer notions. Focusing more on me, my time and my choices. Fore, 2012 is my year and I am here to rock it.

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