I’d say its about time for a little DIY around here. Well, not that this is fully a DIY project, but it’s a start. If you could have a peak inside my brain, oh I better not share that with ya’ll. But I’m getting somewhere with this. I promise.

Instant + Inspiration = Instapration.

I’d like to say it’s a side-effect of working at Pier 1 Imports; however, my revelation has just hit me, 7 months after beginning my career as a retail associate. Mmm, maybe Pier 1 has a slight impression on me, but I’ll coin it as a benefit of my wedding-set-mind.

It only took one glance, such as love at first sight, and I knew I had to have it. One glance, a catch of the eye and *BAM* instraparation! I would be back with my $20 rewards certificate (Yes, I do have a P1RC and I do often times purchase items and earn point. It works folks!) and I would buy not one, but TWO (okay, maybe a third to be safe) and I have the inspiration for my non-floral boutineers.

100% pure pea-rockin love.

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