‘Tis the Season

I will probably take some heat for this. And I’ve thought twice about bring it up. But, its simply my opinion, or annoyance rather. And, to each their own. Right?

I’m so over the getting engaged over the holidays bit. It’s so cliché.

There. I said it. You know you are thinking the same thing. Whether you are near engagement and the question was not popped over Christmas or New Years, you so single, your best bet at a soul mate is your toothbrush (because you absolutely 100% need clean breathe, c’mon folks, clean minds.) or you are completely happy in life whatever love-life status you claim to fame and are just annoyed by the whole cliché of sudden proposals popping up on Facebook status updates. Really? There are three different statuses you see between December 23 and Jan. 1: Happy Holidays, Happy New Year & I’m engaged! Yes, count them. One out of three were listed right here.

I’m really trying not to hate on those holiday engagers. Honestly, I love Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year – no, seriously. It is. From the time spent with family, traditions renewed, to the blessing of Christ Jesus, thoughtful gifting and reasons to gather and spread cheer. I’m all in. 1000% Christmas fan, advocate & celebrator. As much as I love Christmas, I would secretly have loved to be asked at Christmas. What more perfect time of year? The anticipation of the tiny wrapped box as you unwrap it; could it really be? Well, now looking back at the holiday season I just experienced – I couldn’t be happier that we got enganged in the midst of nothing. That is right. Like a tornado, we drummes us up a little hubbub all on our own, thank you very much!

While the thoughts of Christmas are nice and the meanings and traditions are valued, add in an engagement and I don’t know if I would have survived the Holidays this year. Honestly. The hustle-and-bustle, balancing two jobs, budgeting and traditions; where was there time to preserve the specialness? It would have been swept right up into the Christmas tornado. Thank you Z, for realizing my favorite time of year can be separate from one of my favorite memories of us.

Perhaps it’s different for you. Maybe your holiday season is not a whirlwind of events, a tornado of sorts. Maybe you don’t celebrate Christmas and your engagement was just in and of itself the only life-event happening. Great. I’m glad you can enjoy it and I am happy for you. Honestly, I’m not a bitter bride. Well, for the most part. But that’s topic for discussion at a later point in time. To each their own. I am merely voicing my opinion and publicly so. You know you’re thinking the same thing, so you’re welcome.

For all you near-engagers.. you can hold your breath for a little bit longer. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, the capstone of engagements. ‘Tis the season!

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