I’m thinking Mermaid..

I’ve dabbled in the umpteen dress selections in the world. Just a tad. I had to. It was nagging in the back of my mind and I didn’t want to walk into my appointment with absolutely nothing. Ok, not nothing, but something other than… I think strapless? Said as a question rather than a statement.

In a conversation with a friend, I’ve been enlightened by a few more items pertaining to my dress.

Stay true to you. I mean, think about it. I like Coach purses, but I am just fine sporting a $7 dress from the clearance rack at Kohls – with a 30% off coupon, thank you very much! I like class, but I am a bargainer. I will not have my final decision of a dress come down to the price tag, don’t worry. However, if I can look stellar in a dress that is $300, then I’ll do it; I don’t need to get a dress priced at $1600 because of a label & a few extra pearls. When it comes to the dress, it’s not appropriate territory to venture outside of my comfort zone. What matters is the need to be comfortable, true to myself and within budget.

When asked on a style I might like, the options are all tantalizing. Ball gown? Mermaid? Fitted? Oh, mermaid ALL the way! Give me the puff around my knees deterring me from walking normal down the aisle. I’d love to waddle down the aisle and trip as I try to l continue my waddling. Now that is a memorable wedding. Absolutely not! No mermaid. Have you seen this body? It’s no mermaid material.

While I have a list of styles of dresses I find appealing, the decision is so far up in the air, it makes me apprehensive, nervous; excited and overwhelmingly numb. I have no idea what it will be like once I walk through the doors of the bridal boutique. I just pray for a calm heart, a clear mind in decision making and a helpful assistant to offer opinion, change and smarts.

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3 Responses to I’m thinking Mermaid..

  1. Nikki Berg says:

    Ashley – It’s always great to read your blogs. So jealous of your creative writing… Looking forward to your next post. And yes, I have you on my reader… 🙂

    • {ashley} says:

      Oh gooood lorrrd, you’ve got to be kidding me, reader… seriously? You mus’nt have a life. lol. I’m glad my creative outlet can amuse you. I’m working my way to my life goal of writing a book. Will you buy 100 copies to support me?! lol. p.s. we need to grab drinks soon.

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