Financial Woes

Not going to lie, as much as I am confident in our budget I am nervous. Nervous for spending so much money. I mean, do you know what you could do with a couple thousand dollars? A LOT! I could pay off my student loans – smart. We could buy a new car – much needed. We could put it in savings – the best idea yet! But here we are, saving more money than I’ve had eyes on in my life to spend for one day.

It’s not like we are spending $50,000 for our wedding, but its still a good chunk of money. It’s not even out of our range; it’s a reasonable and doable amount. Heck, we are over 75% of the way to our final amount! The end is in sight. I’m not breaking my back to save, save, save! Yet, I can’t shake this uneasy feeling I have overwhelming me. The fear of having enough money after we get married.

How many bills will we have? What will insurance cost? Car insurance?  Rent, what is that anyway? How will we not be living from paycheck to paycheck? Should we cut our budget and put that money into savings nowwhile we have the opportunity? Heck, what if we get married at the courthouse and put the money towards a celebration and then save the rest?! That could be the best of both worlds, right?

While I’m nervous of what is to come, I can’t let it succumb my thoughts. I’m wise when it comes to spending money – for the most part. I’ve got a plan in store. If I stick to it, aim to come in under budget, then I am fine – we will be fine. Right? Right. Plans have worked for me all of my life. There is no reason why this one will not. However, don’t be surprised if we elope… just kidding?!

Woah. Hello, freak-out number one… with 190283901 more to come.

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One Response to Financial Woes

  1. nikkiberg says:

    Ashley! I can’t stand how obsessed I am in reading your blog and following your wedding! Thanks for making each post worthwhile 🙂

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