I’ve been Pinned.

How did anyone ever plan a wedding before the invention of Pinterest? I mean, seriously? The virtual scrapbook is a wedding planner in itself. Or, if anything a planning tool of necessity. The ideas are endless, the visuals generate a smorgesboard of idea-boards; and the ease and convenience of it are better than any wedding planner you can get. I mean, come on.. what wedding planner is at your beck and call – 24/7. Sure, they say they are. But seriously, can you open your computer and have instant attention with a simply click of a mouse? Not that Pinterset is my homepage or anything..

While I’m pretty sure y’all know what Pinterest is and how it works, there is no convincing to be done. (If not, check out Star Tribune’s article.) However, I’d like to share how I’ve been pinned. Not that you want to know. I mean, you probably have already seen my boards.. need I say more? Yes, because I’m in astonishment and a bit of interest as to how life went on without Pinterest.

The ideas are endless. Obvi. You can search for your specifics, or you in a handful of cases or you can be introduced to the love of your life – without the whole awkwardness of a blind date scenario.  You can merely dismiss them with a simple scroll of the mouse or blink of the eye. It’s pure visual delight – or, fright at times, too.

I had never used an idea board – per say. I have a constant idea board in my head, in my line of vision and most definitely in my camera. I see it. I like it. I snap it. Done. The one downfall I have had is organizing the ideas in one place. Yes, I know. Shocking. Miss planning organizer I am.. when it comes to certain things, it slips. Not to say I don’t know where it is; there often times is a cluster-fuck of ideas in piles, purses or shelves. Thank you Pinterest for organizing an organizer.

Pinterest is also my biggest career-ending threat. The ease of use and addiction-like behavior it effortlessly enables may be my biggest threat against my career. There have been times where I have literally had to ask myself what are you doing? I can’t help that it’s a major distraction, it’s pinning mentality is addicting and I feel like a kid on a sugar high with the countless opportunities before me.

A Pinterest Party is a must; it’ll be called my wedding. Enough of this writing, I’m going back to pinning.

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