I Knew There Was a Reason I Agreed to Marrying You

Today reminded me just why I said those three little letters a mere one hundred and seventy days ago. I said yes, not just because I love you, but because you say exactly what I need you to at the most perfect times; because you hug me when I am at my weakest. I said yes because you know me and although you may not understand the reasons, you support me and don’t ask questions.

Today, you reminded me that I have indeed found my best friend.

A best friend that knows exactly who I am and yet loves every last piece of me. Who walks besides me, holding my too short, too cold hand, anyway. My best friend who will fight with me and not against me; who holds my heart in your heart, not your hands.

Thank you, Z, for being my everything I never thought I would have. Thank you for surprising me when I may not want to be surprised, yet need to be. Thank you for understanding the importance certain people hold in my life and including them in yours rather than demand to replace them. Thank you for loving me for me – for the serious, planning, often cold-handed, easily hurt, creative young bride-to-be that I am.

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