A Second Bridesmaid

I’ve been blessed with my second bridesmaid and I couldn’t be any happier than I am in the photo above to announce Jennifer as one of my FabFive girls!

Together, we’ve caused more trouble than I care to rightly admit. It seems as though we were just potato-sacking down the hallways of Crabtree, partying at the pickle and graciously (or not so graciously) showing our TRS pride. What were we thinking? While we haven’t been friends since first grade, I am blessed to have met you when I did and create such a strong friendship we share. Thank you for your constant support, laughter & willingness to do more than your heart can give. I admire your caring and giving ways & hope to emulate them. I’m sure the walk down my aisle will be shorter than your road trip to Georgia; however, equally appreciated. Cheers to el-trunke-de-jen-ay + TRS + more photos than we can print!

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One Response to A Second Bridesmaid

  1. Jenny says:

    What were we thinking?!?! TRS for life… even if we grew out of that phase! So excited to stand up for you and Zach! Is it November yet?!?!

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