So, my excitement over my peacock theme has subsided. It seems as though the oh-so wonderfully named color has an entirely different look in person. While at the boutique this weekend, my plans of peacock dresses are no longer. Peacock is not so peacock at DB. Peacock is more like – navy blue. Blah. Boring.

Out goes peacock and in comes an influx of possible dress colors..

Wine. Fitting my centerpiece theme and elegant color scheme. It would be easily added to my pallet and the dresses are rich, almost suculent and simply gorgeous.

Plum. A gorgeous color on its own and even more gorgeous color when placed next to my vision of peacock. This quite possibly could be my choice.

Mustard Yellow. What can I say? It’s still lingering..

Black. Simple. Elegant. Glam. Flattering on all girls and with a splash of color could tie right into my original color scheme.

Oasis. A bit bright, but perhaps darker from farther away + out of hideous lighting of DB. It’s definitely in consideration.

Whatever color I decide on, I know it’ll be my very own pearocking. Perhaps I’m alright with the color choice not being peacock – as a matter of fact, yes. Yes, I can deal without. It’s almost a blessing. One less use of the P word. Back to the drawing board I go… I’ve got time to decide and two more gals to ask. Oh-so-close to another check off the list.

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