Shh, don’t tell Z

It was inevitable; bound to happen. The first time you take your ring off and mistakenly forget to put it back on after the lotion has soaked in just enough not to add a thin layer to the inside of the ring. Ok, maybe not for all of you; those who just refuse to take off your ring, you’re brilliant! The panic is not desirable.

Thanks to the rigid Minnesota weather, my hands are dry all the time and lotion is like, totally my new bff. As we know, lotion is not jewelry friendly. So, being the perfectionist I am, I take off my ring when applying lotion. Distracted by the two kit-cats running rampant in my bedroom at the time, my ring was set on my nightstand. Lotion applied; sleep coma induced.

(C) Google image search.

It wasn’t until the following morning when I was lathering my hair with shampoo that panic hit; my finger was bare! No wait, I was imagining it. It’s there. I just couldn’t feel it. No, seriously, my finger was naked. I have two rings I wear consistently. They both come on and off at the same time. Maybe, did I take them off to show- NOPE. Right ring finger definitely has a ring on it.

Panic infused, my heart was in my throat as I pulled my hand out in front of me and a completely empty left ring finger stared me in the eye. It looked so.. so ugly! Now seriously, I panicked in the initial thought of it falling off in the shower and down the drain it went. No, don’t be crazy Ashley! Well than, WHERE IS IT? In my hair? In my bed?

Oh yeah, I put lotion on before bed and apparently I never put it back on. It had to be on my nightstand.. Right? If you ever need something to hurry your tail out of a steaming shower on a below zero morning, imagine your ring is missing and you aren’t 100% positive of its whereabouts. It’ll get the job done.

Minutes later, I was running through the house to my bedroom; heart racing, sweat building, tears forming in my eyes. All the while hoping, praying the cats didn’t decide it was a new toy to play with overnight or a tasty new treat.. could cats even eat metal? Swallow it?

There it was – on the floor, a good foot away from my night stand. Damn cats running rampant knocked it off my hand in mid-sleep and there it sat, lonely on the ground of my bedroom. Shh, don’t tell Z!

I survived, just barely. I’m not proud of this move – but – you know, it happens. Right? Well, if you’re not like me, and you have yet to have the sudden panic, mouth dropping gut-sickening feeling as you realize your finger is bare, please feel free learn from my experience. I suggest 3 rules:

Lesson #1: When using lotion, hold your ring between your lips. It will force you to put it directly back on your finger opposed to setting it down and walking away from it. If you should god-forbid, forget to put it back on. Oops!

Lesson #2: Apply lotion in the privacy of your own space. If your ring should fall, for any reason or be left – fat chance – it will be in a safe, protected place. Ie: bedroom, that’s it. Not the bathroom – the sink drains are just wide enough that at the perfect angle, the precious gem could slip through. Not at work – you’re supposed to be working, so if you get called away, you’re gone; where’s your ring? And please, definitely not outdoors – for obvious reasons.

Lesson #3: Don’t panic. If you panic, your mind is in a frenzy and I’m not sure about you, but this brain does not do well under personal pressure. Work-related pressure, I’m an ace. However, instantly remembering the last place you set your ring – easier done while calm, collected and ideally not in the shower.

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