Deflating my 2012

Just because my personal life anthem may be: 2012, you are MY year. I’m here to rock it. Oh, and get married. does not mean I own the year, a range of months or even a date. Sure, my day is my world; yet, it means nothing to a passing stranger. And thank you random stranger for blowing me away with such an obvious realization. Duh!

I understand how weddings can be wrapped up and set on a pedestal. Sure, it’s a huge deal. For some, it’s the day they dreamed of since a very young age; for others, it’s a milestone to celebrate; and for some, it’s simply just another day of the year. However, it is just one day. What you make of it is entirely up to you.

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For me, my wedding is more than just one day. My wedding is an experience I am living out from the moment I said yes on the small dock on a Minneapolis Lake to the day we land back in our home-sweet-Minnesota upon our honeymoon. My dating was the beginning stage, my wedding the middle stage and my marriage is my entire future. The moments leading up to saying “I do” are going to be my memories, no one else’s.

While the world continues to revolve, my world has slowed; become stressful at times and all the more exciting at others. Sure, I’ve had tempers flare, arguments emerge and frustration occur. But, just ‘cause I’m getting married doesn’t mean the world stops and revolves around me. Well, at least in my world, it may do so. However, like I said, maybe the world slows down from time-to-time and where you are the center of attention. But day in and day out does not place you on top of the world with a feather studded pitchfork to stab the world and yell “I’m getting married Bitches!” Dream on cartoon world, dream on.

{People get sick.} Like any other day, illnesses arise. Cancer still lives among us; alcohol still destroys us. You can’t stop cancer from happening, but you can destroy alcohol. Weddings, invites and bridal statuses are paused when sickness invades life. You are not the center of the universe; put your priorities in line and take a back seat. Your life goes on while others may not.

{People die.} RIP, Steve. Life for you will continue; however, another life has been cut short. The topic of the family isn’t you and your wedding. Rather, the loss of a loved one and the loved ones they left behind. Rightly so.

{People get married.} You’re not the only one shopping at the bridal boutiques, scouting prospective venues, or searching for the perfect photog connection. Unless you are Princess Diana or Prince William + Kate Middleton, the world does not care that you are getting married. Find your peace and move on.

{Friends still get dealt life.} While friends are excited for you and share in your planning, they still have their life to live. Don’t expect them to drop their life and live yours with you. Yes, you’re a bride-to-be but you are also a friend and being there for others is still part of your sweet responsibility. Others need you more than you need them; fill the shoes you’re worthy of filling.

The truth is, life goes on. You have no control over what life will throw your way. Sure, the fairytales show it as perfect as can be, but hello, my life is far from. Just because life isn’t perfect, doesn’t mean it’s any one’s fault. It’s not going to take anything away from your day. I just gotta roll with the punches and live 2012 according to ME. I’m still gonna rock it; perhaps with a different swagger than planned.

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