First Class Postcards

Designed by yours truly.

While Christmas came and went in a bit of a blur, my save-the-date graces my eyes every day atop my refrigerator door. My daily reminder that yes, I am indeed getting married. My encouragement and sometimes motivation to move forward and start on my invitations faces me every day and I can only hope that I have not out-done myself.

With the gracious help of two dear friends, photog Jenny + paper-guy MDuff, my std’s — err,  won’t write that one again.. my save the dates, rather, were seemingly possible. The precious moment caught during our Saturday night e-sesh, could not have been replicated by anyone else. The design was the hard part – many hours of staring at the computer screen, a few headaches and countless doubts of perfection. The paper and printing, meh- a cinch! Not to mention gifts beyond necessity – you guys spoil me!

Everything I wanted ad never knew I needed happened with my save the dates. Not only was I able to capture my favorite holiday and celebrate it with my announcement, I was able to showcase my talents + flex my creative ability. Again, I only hope I have not outdone myself; I sure have set the bar high, but we all know I find it in me to out-do the latest and greatest. No pressure.

Back of the postcard.

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