Pillar of Support

Dear Z,

You are not alone. When you’re strength is weak, you have me to lean on. When you’re fears get the best of you, turn to face me. When you can’t handle the truth, let me translate into kinder words. Just because you’ve been through this two times over, does not mean you have to be any stronger, number or ignorant of the truth.

Familiarity with the topic, does not mean you should be a professional at handling the emotions running mad. Let your emotions go; let me hold you up when you’ve fallen. I’m your confidant. Together, we will face this evil and watch it fail.

It’s ok to feel pain and to let it out because we are in this together.  You go on and feel your pain. Let your heart fall into my hands; let your tears be met with my lips. Fore, I am here to be your pillar of support. Together we’ll get through this and together we’ll come out stronger than before. Together, we’ll create a strength to get through the seas ahead.

Your loser

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