Say Yes to the Dress

The biggest and scariest moment of all has come and past. One, just once trip to the bridal boutique is all it took. One trip for a matter of nearly 3 hours and the job was done. We went to a lovely little boutique that was just the right size – not too small to have the spot-light shining solely on me; yet, not too big to get lost in the sea of brides – or for the most part.

With my mom on my right and my bfotb on my left, I entered the boutique with butterflies in my stomach and a planner in hand. Oh, the excitement, nerves and cluelessness mixed together as I was introduce to my to-be counterpart and led to my pedestal. 16. A fine number. Perhaps the foresight of the number of dresses I would try on before I found the one.

From the moment I took a seat on the chair, the luxurious attention and specialty began. My BFOTB was taking my jacket before I got it off, my consultant learning my every want, desire and dislikes as well. The butterflies continued to flutter as I walked up to the dressing room and closed it. There I stood. Me and a dress. The dress that could quite possibly be mine.

The moments shared between friends and mom and daughter were memories to be kept for a life time. The moments of brutal honesty, almost right and the down-rite undecidedness filled the few hours of dress shopping.

I could not have picked a more perfect day or the more perfect guests to accompany on my experience. The moments I felt as if it was not going to be a success, my thoughts were quickly supported with a new comment, dress or thought on accessory piece. The dress was not easy to come by, but once I narrowed it down to 3, it was a bit easier to find the dress I was not only me in, but that I felt like a bride in.

The moments spent on the pedestal were both short and long. If the dress was an automatic no – taffeta, almost always led to an absolute no – I was off the pedestal before I could land both of my feet on it. On the other hand, I lingered on the pedestal to admire the beauty of the dress, the detail, the fit; admire the bride staring back at me in the mirror. While, it would have been a bit easier had I worn contacts for the day. Meh, I made due with the constant on-and-off of my dark-rimmed glasses.

I can’t say that it was instant. Nor, that I knew the one was the one the moment I put it on. I blame it on my indecisiveness as I hardly ever can make a concrete decision. But as I stood on the pedestal, veil atop my head, jewelry adorned, I watched as the spark in my eyes became a glimmer in my smile as well as my bfotb’s and mothers.

Elated in tears and the release of anxiety, pressure and stress of making a decision, I stood atop the pedestal in my dress as I claimed the choice my final decision with a ring of a bell. As if it couldn’t get any better, the dress chosen, my dress, was on sale! Everything happens exactly how it is meant to be. This dress was mine for a reason, and I now know why. Because I looked gorgeous in it, I felt comfortable and confident and, well – I can’t lie, it was nice to know it was on sale!

Many have asked for a photo or details of my dress; however, I’ve been weary of showing them. I’m not quite ready to let my dress be revealed. I want to capture it for all its worth. I want the excitement and element of surprise to fest within me and blow them all away as I walk down the aisle. So, save your breath, no one has seen or heard details of my dress other than the BFOTB and MOTB. What I can say is, now its onto detailing the dress and my complete appearance…

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  1. what an exciting time in your life thanks for sharing

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