Cuff Links: January Owned Me

January Cuff Links

I’m adding another new addition to this gem of a blog: Cuff Links: monthly task closures.  As you may know  I take that back, it was an new addition to the 2012 year. So, let me introduce it to you now: Wedding Dates. As a way to keep the wedding tasks, details, discussions and opinions under wraps and not swamp Z out, I came up with wedding dates. Definition: date night to discuss any and every detail about wedding; assign tasks to the month, discuss budget and have a reason for going out to eat. Love it!

While I adored wedding dates to initiative and plan tasks for each month in the effort to spread the planning process out and stay organized, I’m introducing Cuff Links as the counterpart, follow-up overview of the month. A way to hold ourselves accountable for our planning actions of the past month.

Cuff Links – n. one of a pair of linked buttons, used to join the buttonholes on the cuffs of a shirt.

In essence, my Cuff Links are used to link two months together (this time being January + February, obvi!) and close off the previous month. Like I stated early, I have assigned tasks to each month; however, a plan is only good if you see follow-through and results. While January started with great potential, enthusiasm and excitement for MY year, it sure had it’s own plan up its sleeve.

2012 is a year about me. A year for me to be selfish, perhaps a bitch, at times. A year to focus on my life as my dreams of what was once so far fetched it almost slipped through my grasp.

2012 no longer has room for me to be selfish, to focus solely on my own life or catch my dreams. No, I’m afraid 2012 had something much different in store for me. And as January proved to be a boxing month, blow after blow, I’m left standing but sucking air, tending bruises and arms raised in protection.

What I will do is detox. Spend the month spending less money, eating less junk and doing less. Detox to cleanse my body, mind and spirit of junk, habbits and energizer notions. Focusing more on me, my time and my choices. Fore, 2012 is my year and I am here to rock it.

January Detox was a success as I ate less, did less, saw less. Fore, I sure got rocked in the last 31 days; it looks as though January didn’t want to go unnoticed – we have a similar quality, I see. Wedding tasks were assigned to each month, budget was planned for the year and we dove head-first into our tasks with a renewed excitment:

  1. Contact church for follow-up
    Done, and still working on finding a day and time that will work between our busy schedules of school, retail and pastoralship.
  2. Hotel/Shuttle
    Z took the ball in his court and did the research, with a few nudges of encouragement.. we have the information and he’s prepared to take the next step and call next month. I know, hold onto your seats, it’s overly exciting!
  3. Dress shopping
    I Said Yes to the Dress!
  4. Ask all attendants
    Done and done.. and more to be unveiled!

As January has taken an advantage over me, 2012 rings in 1, Ash 0. I know that it’s not the end of the world; life goes on. I’m not throwing in the towel and admitting defeat, just yet. My wedding is still going to happen – its 9 months away! Holycats, if you could see the grin that has spread across the entire width of my face, you’d laugh. January may have delivered a handful of nasty blows, but I’m still standing.

While 2012 is my year to rock it, I’m just throwing in a few dips and swerves to avoid the knock-out. Life continues, you have the choice to cave in and claim defeat or fall down 7 times, and stand up 8. Bring it, 2012. This girl’s still standing.

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