Fri.DIY5: Program Details

Pinterest Interests Exclusive: Volume 2, Issue 1

As most of you know, I’m a detail queen. And, my wedding is going to be no short of Ashley normal – from the ceremony decor, reception entrance to the program itself. I do realize that programs are merely pieces of paper that often suit as a fan, chewed-gum wrapper or simply another tree cut from our depleting supplies. So be it. Use is as you may, for me, programs are necessary and they will be as well thought-out as my day-of events.

So, rather than spending half the ceremony muttering between each other about who is who, who they are, etc. My dear guests, you will have the answers in the palm of your hand. Take the time to get to know my bridal party and why they are who they are – My FabFive!

~ where . ceremony programs

~ price . a la MDuff

~ amount needed .  300

~ pro + con ~
 You know everyone is always guessing who is who. Besides, My FabFive deserve a spotlight for all that they have done for me.
(c)  none; it’s a must.

~ status . proposal written & in planner.

[Pinterest Interests Exclusive: Vol.1, Is. 2]

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