Bride Wars

Competition. It’s innate in me. I thrive off of it; I’m motivated by it; and, at times defeated by it. From a simple game of Phase 10 – OK, it’s not so simple if you play with a Driste! – to the level of self-adorned competition in a half marathon, to the competition of being the best bride.

Let’s be honest.  Every bride faces competition when it comes to planning, vendor scouting and day-of operations. You want the best. The best you’ve seen; the best others will ever see. Let’s be brutally honest. You want your wedding and every aspect about it to be entirely yours and the best you can possibly make it.

So sure, my wedding is in contention with every other bride, wedding, dress and décor out there. I want the best venue, for me. I want the best photographer to capture what I want to be savored. I want the best day of my entire life to live with me for the rest of my life! My competition is with the world of bride-to-bes, wedding industry and the inner me.

I don’t go around smack-talking with the other bride-to-bes at the dress shop, cupcakery or craft store. I don’t sabotage others’ plans, appearance or wedding itself like Emma & Liv in Bride Wars. And I don’t rightly chastise others for their opinion, assistance or decisions.

The world we live in is in and of itself competition – who has the most money, who’s the thinnest or most buff; heck, the biggest competition of the year is on Sunday – The Superbowl *chime in the heavenly gates* You simply cannot take competition out of a competitor. And when its a bride who’s the competitor, I’m sorry but for your own safety, do not challenge her to a match. May this serve as your warning.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll be getting onto the next best thing..

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