GroomsMaid, BridesMan

It’s not as though my brother is new news. No, he’s rather well known. He has a million friends, he’s never home, always out doing one thing or another – you know, coaching, causing trouble downtown or just, out. And if he is home, he’s either sleeping, eating or on his phone. Yes, Seri is his new bff – so to speak. He acutally has yet to show me her perfection, until then, I assume he’s talking to his make-believe million friends. Oh wait, they aren’t made up.

The kid is busy and with a million friends, its a shocker that he was actually home and coherent one weekend. Yes, I could hardly stand it! I had to get to him before he decided to pass out, accept one of his constant invites, or anything crazy like that. Having him in the same room as I – and Z, was prime time and I was ready to take action.

See, somehow B and my brother-from-another-mother somehow ended up with the task of finding me a party bus. I don’t necessarily recall this delegation; however, with the millions of friends between the two of them, the odds of finding a party bus, and at a decent price, seemsed fairly in my favor. Two months later, and I’ve got no leads. So, naturally it comes up… and I ask because, well I can’t lie, we all know I have the patience of a tea kettle on the stove top.

This time I had a reason to bring up the self-assigned task. I had a new responsibility for him. Well, as I’m about to hit my transition the kid TAKES A PHONE CALL! Serious? Yes. There I sat dumb-founded, staring at Z as he stared back with a shake of his head. Oh, brother. As if you passing out minutes before Z got over the weekend before wasn’t bad enough? We are minutes, words away from asking you to be in our wedding and you take a freaking phone call! Good-gally!

Well, turns out Z up and asked him. No seg-way, no transition – just straight up “What you think about being one of my groomsmen?” Meh, I think I could do that. Yes, please slap the kid for me, will you? But just wait, he’s got one more one-liner for you.

All said and done and onto the next daily-task of a weekend, B snaps his head over “Is that what you wanted to talk about a couple weekends ago?” Yes. Yes, it was. He chuckled with the boyish grin he still owns on his 24 year-old face.

From the years of Seasame Street Buses
and Barbie-lands to  sushi dates & text messages;
I’ve always kind of liked you – you know,
because you’re my brother and all.
Thank you for being you – the teasing, the
prodding & simple displays of sibling love.
As angry or frustrated as I get, don’t ever stop. For, it is what makes you you – the you I love & need at my side in a pink polka-dotted dress.
~Your big sis.

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