One of my all-time favorite T.V. shows is no longer in running. However, that doesn’t stop it from running on my television because yes, I own every season and they are on syndication every evening at 10 p.m. in my bedroom. Gilmorisms run alive in my daily-living, thanks to my over-indulgence and it’s no wonder another one plays out in my own life. 


I’ve got me one of my own. She’s no Sookie, then again I’m no Lorelai, either. Together, we make a duo that is unlike any other. While we spend most of our time living 1,235 miles away from one another, we’ve managed not only to keep our friendship, but strengthen it over the last 7 years.

Over the years, we’ve managed to see each other a good number of times. Between Virginia, Minnesota and Georgia, we’ve added up the frequent flyer miles; Coach products, dinner dates and laughter at each other’s antics. Her latest trip to Minnesota was two-fold. A vacation and a chance to partake in wedding plans. Most importantly, I had the chance to ask her to be my Maid of Honor.

We met by chance at a horribly awful college job. Like I always say, the best thing that came out of that place was us! Seven years later, here we are: one marriage, two Master degrees and a PhD; two pups and two kitts; forever friends. Whether its texting, emailing, phone calls or in-person visits, its as if no time has passed at all, we just pick up right where we left off. Our friendship is a true testament of which defies distance.
~Forever NYC Friends


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