Fri.DIY5: Loser Playlist

Pinterest Interests Exclusive: Volume 2, Issue 2

Music has always been an important factor in our relationship from the very beginning. From Chris Brown’s “With You” lyrics in the first loser love note I wrote, to Loser Mixes  created for anniversaries, Valentines Day gifts or our time apart when I was traveling through Poland – songs have had a powerful impact on us and speaking feelings, words and thoughts.

This week’s Fri.DIY5 is en exclusive Loser Love Play list for our wedding favors. From the songs chosen on the CD, cover artwork to the final casing of the CD – it screams us. However, it’s not as unique and one-of-a-kind as I would hope it to be. It also gives me a headache thinking about it as I type. However, it would scream us and my talents would be  forever used throughout this project.

~ where . reception, guest favors

~ price . aprox. $175

~ amount needed .  300

~ pro + con ~
 Personal creation of a token of us
(c)  time consuming + can we agree on songs to put on it? Maybe, a bit cheezy

~ status . pinned

[Pinterest Interests Exclusive: Vol.2, Is. 2]

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