Bridesmaids 10 Commandments

I got a little crafty – imagine that! Ha! Well, seeing as I have a few younger ladies in my crew with cell phone BFFs, I wanted a way to nicely lay down a little ground rules without being a Bridezilla. I searched the internet for ideas and had trouble finding something I liked.

So, tossing Pinterest aside, I came up with my own idea: The Bridesmaids 10 Commandments. A little tongue-in-cheek, laughter with a serious underlying message. And, it went over well. Both young ladies laughed away the seriousness and graciously accepted the Bridesmaid role! Yay!

Keep an eye out for my Bridesmaid 10 Commandment gift coming to a a store near you! You know, along with my talented planning skills and all my other creative talents! Just you wait!  


Thou shalt be a personal photographer.
Take loads of photos throughout the wedding planning journey from the early days of dress shopping to the last hours at the reception.

Thou shalt not be a Maidzilla.
I can’t be a Bridezilla, then you can’t become a Maidzilla. No drama.

Thou shalt ditch my phone.. no, really, seriously.

Thou shalt not be a party pooper.
Partake in all activities, sans phone, be fun and be involved.

Thou shalt dance the night away.
Whether it’s Cotton Eye Joe, Justin Bieber or the YMCA: be on the dance floor rocking it.

Thou shalt not be expected to be honest the day of the wedding.

Thou shalt be a great listener.
Being an active listener means paying attention to what is said as well as what isn’t said.

Thou shalt not go on a diet.
I love you for you; put the dress on, hair up and smile for the pictures.

Thou shalt laugh at the bride’s craziness after the one year anniversary.

 Thou shalt not be late.
Being on time means being ten minutes early: ten minute to text your goodbyes and shut your phone off. No, really, seriously.

{c} Ashley, 2012

Abby, we’re happy to have you stand in honor of us as we take our vows. Your brother and I love you dearly. And for once, you may survive a day without his teasing and brotherly love picking on you. Be your beautiful self and shine right along with us. 

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