Fri.DIY5: Sparkly Sparkle

Pinterest Interests Exclusive: Volume 2, Issue 3

The one downfall to my venue is no glitter. Serious? How could I Okay such a place? Me, Ashley Cassidy, without glitter? Glitter is my middle name! Well, looking at the fine print, there is to be no glitter, confetti, mess of sorts without a fine. Muwa-ha-ha-ha! That right there is the answer folks. I can have glitter, I just have to pay for it! Enter Zach’s knowing look caught out of my peripheral vision as we sat in the reception center here!

liiiiiittle bit of glitter is not going to hurt. Besides, if my history with glitter has taught me one thing, it’s how to use it cleanly! My mother can contest to this. The days of glitter throughout the house are long gone – I’m much more skilled! So. Bring. It. On.

~ where . Reception, centerpieces

~ price . Twigs from my backyard forest, free! Glitter and spray-paint glue from Michaels, maybe $40

~ amount needed .  A rather large pile of fire kindling

~ pro + con ~
 A little bit of glitter pa-zaz added to my centerpiece sensation! The lighting will catch it just right and we can sparkle the night away!
(c)  Will the spray-paint glue take away the sparkle? lol Enter that fine print here: fee.

~ status . pinned & trying up my laces for a hiking adventure!

[Pinterest Interests Exclusive: Vol. 2, Is. 2]

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