Who Knew Bridesmaid was a Grad School Requirement?

Alas! I’ve tracked down my final bridesmaid and officially asked her to be in my line-up! *enter huge sigh*  That was a lot harder than I had imagined it being. I mean, come on – Mankato is not that far away! However, enter busy careers, Christmas-madness & our similar tendencies to do all that we possibly can, it makes for a challenge to get together for a mere couple of hours.

Now that all that is behind us – we have no excuse not to see each other for periods of times! I mean, hello!? The FabFive opportunities can begin! Shall we look at dresses ladies?

While we may have only known each other for a few years, it’s amazing how well we get along, how much we have in common and the love of hard-work we both exempt. I knew going into grad school I had two goals: 1. survive – because it scared me to death. And 2. Make a new friend.

A year after graduation  and here I am stronger than ever – I’m a survivor, I’m not goin’ give up, I’m not goin’ stop, I’m goin’ try harder…  *end Destiny’s Child flash back*…

Where was I? Oh yes, and a friend. Little did I know that friendship was a requirement for graduate school because it sure seemed as though it was. Through the endless reading, exam papers, challenging professors – grad school as a whole we managed to create a friendship balancing out each other’s’ strengths and weaknesses; achievements and struggles.

While we may not live within a distance to grab dinner together, have a double date on a random night or take class together – we have made due with our challenging separation and used technology to its advantage.

Thank you for choosing the seat beside me in our first class. I would have really hated to have sat by someone else – fore, no one else would have the audacity to be the friend I needed to get through grad school. I’m a pretty tough cookie – but no, that does not mean you can eat me, Becca!

I still am blown away that you’d ask me to be your personal attendant after knowing me for barely 3 months! Are you nuts? No, you just knew my strengths and well, let’s be honest, you  had the best PA in the world. You’re welcome.  Thank you for committing to this friendship as much as I have. You remind me there is always room for laughter, a different perspective on life and if all else fails, have a snack!

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