Ring Kitty & Flower Kitty

It’s no secret, I have two kitts. I do not call them cats – although they very well could be as they are 2 1/2 years old. However, I don’t like cats. Never have I been a cat person – even when Z drug me to the Humane Society over two years ago. Cats? We don’t need a cat. A dog, now that is more like it. A cute little pocket-size one, please! And somehow we walked out the door with not one, but two kittens.

Ready for his close up!

They’ve grown on me. I mean, they’re still around even though they squawk and squeak at me. Demand to be fed, yet run away at the mere step in their direction. Yes, they are here. They are loved. And oh, are they spoiled. So, they may be loved – a lot.

It’s nice to have random acts of affection – very random. The late night cuddles with a little furball. The also random entertainment from playing. And, the never ending listening ear. Heck, for as much as I listen to them, they listen to me, too.

Pretty little Princess

So, why wouldn’t I want them in my wedding? I mean, they’re like my kids; they are apart of our family. A given, right? People incorporate their dogs in their weddings all the time! Ok, I have yet to see one in person, but I hear about it and see a whole lot of pictures. So, it must happen. Can’t you just see it… Miss Priss in a fancy dress and Mr. C in a little bow tie sauntering down the aisle. Not freaked out, what. so. ever.

Seeing as we don’t have a flower girl, why not? We do have a ring bearer. However, he can coax them down the aisle with treats… right? Well, why not? It’s a way to be remembered, right? Memorable. Let’s do it. Colby. Nahla. Be on your best behavior and you’ll get one big bowl of treats!

NOT! I’m no crazy. C’mon now… 

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2 Responses to Ring Kitty & Flower Kitty

  1. Fluffy Tufts says:

    Haha! Cats in a wedding party would certainly be a sight to behold! 🙂

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