Bridesmaid Dress Debacle

It’s no secret, my decision making skills are not pristine. Nope. As a matter of fact, we chose our venue space by an ‘oh shit’ test in the back of a car on our way to the Polish Pedal Pub Fiesta! Luckily, both Z and I shouted the same name at the same time – otherwise we may still be stuck on venue location.

While we may not have clear distinction on what choice is best, there has yet to be a decision made that has left my stomach unsettled. That was until it came to dress colors, that is. Like it should be that hard, right? Seriously. Honestly, how are bridesmaid dress colors even chosen? By a brides favorite color? Time of year? Whatever is trending in the wedding industry? Well, seeing as I cannot chose a single favorite color, my season is inbetween two seasons and I am steering directly away from trends and what everyone else is doing – yadda blah – it leaves me with no color choice.

(c) national geographic

Sure, I had a color in mind, thank you Pier 1 & your wonderful Instapration skills you have. However, that was quickly shattered as I laid eyes on the color swab. Pearockin’ was not so rockin’; PeaFlopin’ was more like it. Now what? I fretted over the “right” color. I mean, I’d already made choices with the PeaRockin’ in mind: the men’s boutineers, my mom’s dress, invitations and table decor. Seriously? I guess this is what you get for getting ahead of yourself, huh?

Well, thanks for your input on the color choice. I took a little trip back to the botique with one of my Fabulous ladies in search of the right color. I was not about to make more decisions that I had to when we all went in for bridesmaid dresses. The color needed to be chosen, now. For my own sanity as well as my fabFive. While rummaging through the racks of dresses, we decided she’d try on three different colors – with black still lingering in my mind.

Whether it was the lighting, my daily vision check or the opinion of a dear friend that helped me see clearly, I think we came to a decision on a color. Yes, yes we have. The oh-shit test confirms it and if I had to leave it up to a flip of a coin to decide for me, the color dress we decided on in the boutique is the color it will be! Now, if only I could talk Z into gray tuxes… I don’t dare cross that line; however, I can use his entourage as persuaders. Muwa-ha-ha!

Yes, I know you are left wondering what color have I  finally decided on? Well, I hate to do this to you my friends, but you’ll just have to sit back and be patient. You can try to crack me on it, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be comfortable with a final decision until I see the party of peafowls in their dresses together. Hint, check back soon..

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