Fri.DIY5: Accent Lighting

Pinterest Interests Exclusive: Volume 2, Issue 4

I’ve been searching for small ways to jazz up our reception at minimal cost. While I’m going to leave no corner unturned, there are simple ways to do things to add my touch; however, deciding on the right and budget-friendly way to do it is the trick. There are endless ways to spruce up a room, add a little jazz and to make it my own.

What better way to add to the romance theme than to add a little up-skirt lighting. Lights throughout the room, candles, dim lights, DJ lights and more. As the sun sets, the room will be elated with the love in the air but also the lighting. A mix of special touches, emotions and the party of the year will create a wonderful party if I do say so myself.

~ where . reception

~ price . unsure

~ amount needed .  around cake table & head table & dance floor. A lot?

~ pro + con ~
 mood lighting
(c)  worthless cost?

~ status . pinned

[Pinterest Interests Exclusive: Vol. 2, Is. 3]

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