Fri.DIY5: Simplistic Invites

Pinterest Interests Exclusive: Volume 3, Issue 1

While a key factor in March is invitations, I figured I may as well get my rear in gear and take advantage of the weekly Fri.DIY5s and make it an invite theme. Have my own type of March  Madness: Invite-Madness! I know two things about my invites: 1.) they will be handmade/assembled and 2.) they will have cursive writing on them, per Z’s request. The rest is up to what I happen to stumble upon.

I like simplistic beauty; less is more. I will not spend an arm & a leg on my invites. After all, it is simply a piece of paper of which 95% of them will be tossed. They’ll be stunning, while I do have my First Class Postcards I have to live up to. A basic base of neutral color with a pop of accent color. Will it be peacock? Gold? Red? Hmm.. who knew invites were such an ordeal?

~ pro + con ~
(c)  There’s no cursive, to please Z, and the left alignment may not get his nod, either

[Pinterest Interests Exclusive: Vol. 2, Is. 4]

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