Circle of Love

As if  one ring wasn’t enough; I get two! Yes, I’m sure everyone is familiar with the tradition of wedding bands. You know, the cherry on top of the sundae; the chance for the man to get something of his own. However, it didn’t become custom for the man to wear a ring until the 20th century. Hmm.. I wonder what changed that. I mean, if that were still the case, heck – we’d be looking a lot better in the budget area.

However, when it comes down to love and choosing a token of love to have for the rest of our lives, money doesn’t necessarily have the final say. Sure, we came in on budget – just call me budget queen – but we definitely didn’t get Z any ordinary ring, either. Z’s circle of love is, well, fitting. He knew what he wanted. It was a matter of going in and purchasing it.

When we stopped in the jewelry boutique, we were simply browsing. Z knew what he wanted and I had no idea! My ring has a bit of uniqueness on it’s sides and the beveled shape made me question how it would pair with a wedding band. A bit of browsing, a little help from the sales associate and an hour later we were left staring in amazement at the image of our hands in the mirror.

While we walked away with both rings chosen and paid for, the more exciting part of the experience was the decision making process between Z and I. It was a nice glimpse to what hopefully lies in our future. We weren’t necessarily on the same page as we stood staring between the rings and the sales associate. However, given a little bit of time to ourselves, we were able to discuss our options, explain our comfort levels and thoughts and consider our financial situation.

Thank you Z, for being my partner in this decision making process. If this is a foreshadow of what is to come, I have no doubts we will be able to face the countless decisions ahead of us. 

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