Fri.DIY5: Invitation Elements

Pinterest Interests Exclusive: Volume 3, Issue 2

Invitation Madness continues on DIY Bride in the heart of Minnesota. And while I’m up to my eyeballs in looking at style, text and arrangement of invitations – and it’s only 9 days into March! – I’m narrowing in on the elements of the invite. I have four elements that I want to include:

Announcement. The informal announcement of our parents announcing their children’s union of holy matrimony. Our text, style and details have yet to be figured out. However, we know the date!

Directions. A map is key as well as the address and written directions from the church to the reception. Not everyone in our party is tech-savvy with a GPS or smart phone.

Reception. Details on time and place along with the availability of a hotel – not even a mile away! Let’s get to pearockin’ already!

RSVP. All I know is that it’s going to include a clever saying and probably be a postcard – pinching my pennies and damn proud of it! Besides, it goes with the save the date theme.

I love the gold colors incorporated in this invitation set. I also like the layout of the direction card. However, I will not have a square invite – due to price of postage and I simply prefer rectangular shaped invites. Onto the next round of invite searches with my dear friends Pinterest, MagnetStreetMinted & the beloved Etsy.

[Pinterest Interests Exclusive: Vol. 3, Is. 1]

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