Pay Day Appointment

Since the moment he popped the question – okay, maybe the next few days as the reality of it set in – my head has been swarming with dollar signs, numbers and spreadsheets. Yes, call me a nerd. But, I’ll be the one laughing at you when you try to plan a budget, save to meet budget goal and spend within your means. Yeah, good luck. Come talk to me when you need to resurrect yourself into organization and budgeted bliss.

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It wasn’t until I came across this lovely gem of a blog on the infamous Pinterest, that I realized what I had been doing every other Friday was gifting myself with a brief morning appointment – pay day appointment.

My pay day appointment is a brief meeting I have with myself where I check that my paychecks have deposited into my checking account. Determining where I am on my wedding budget has changed my next step. Either I break up the paycheck into appropriate categories starting with the bills that have to be paid – student loan, credit cards, etc. Or, I put X amount of money into my wedding account and then split up the remaining into appropriate places.

Taking this short time to go over my finances, split money into set accounts and plan for next time allows me to stay focused, educated in my own means and therefore spend within my means and save efficiently.

My pay day appointments is another tool that has helped me stay on budget. These appointments with myself have been a way to hold myself accountable and for the most part, avoid any meltdowns.

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