Fear not, for I am with you.

I don’t think any girl imagines her wedding planning to including a major health scare in the family. I sure didn’t. However –  it’s life and well, life is far from what we expect it to be. Wedding planning is supposed to be a happy time filled with joy, excitement and happiness! You don’t hear fairytales that deal with pain, struggles and health scares.

Well, welcome to my fairytale. 2012 was my year – time to rock it and celebrate ME! Within days of my self proclaimed anthem broke internet waves, reality took a shocking 360 degree turn; my mother-in-law-to-be was diagnosed with cancer – her third bout of cancer.

Days of complete blissful planning turned into days of fear and unknown.  We struggled. My fiancé fought with his conscience, fears and struggle of the unknown. We sought comfort in bits of news as they came in; weighing the pros and cons, what-ifs and could be’s. A life concentrated on wedding plans slowly transformed into days of cancer, family + fear.

After the initial shock subdued, a plan emerged and MIL-to-be met with handful of doctors to discuss surgery options and possibilities. After many discussions, a decision was made and surgery it was.

This hasn’t been an easy road – nor would I expect it to be. However, the severity of the tumor raised the concern in us all. There’s a 30% chance that the tumor will be removed and a long, grueling surgical procedure and recovery ahead. The choice is what is in her best interest and will give her the most time with us. But it’s by far the easiest to handle – individually and as a family.

Life is so far from what I know it to be and that alone is a challenge to face every morning. Gone are the thoughts of wedding and fairytales; I now live amongst a harsh reality that life is not guaranteed, is far from perfect and is filled with struggles, challenges and battles.

Today, I stand with my future family as our loved one under goes a 20 hour surgery involving 3+ surgeons, complications and a strategically planned process. In the past week I’ve dove head-first into the power of prayer and taken Jesus as my BFF. The support we need, and I need individually, cannot be dependent upon my family and friends. The power is in His hands and the only person to carry us, me, through it is the Lord.

Join me in praying that the Lord take me in his hands and provide me with the strength and endurance to provide for my fiancé and his family through this difficult time. Bless the hands of the surgeons; be with them as they make choices and do what you have blessed them to do as a profession. Take our loved one in your grace and protect her through surgery, give her strength to endure the obstacles ahead of her.  Wrap your arms around the family to hold each other up in prayer and strength. I know you are a great and powerful father and you will make what’s right be.

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