Cuff Links: March Madness

The luck of the Irish. Perhaps, I’m not Irish after all. Better yet, perhaps there is no such thing as luck. March, most infamous month of the year, for the last 27 years, has made its presence known. Unfortunately, March wrung me to the last degree.

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Amongst surgery, personal relationship battles, stressful onslaughts in the form of “deafness”, funerals +  forgotten birthdays, I’ll admit it’s incredibly challenging to look beyond the negative, challenges & repetitive blows.  I’m not asking for pitty or to boo-whoo to anyone; however, I believe it’s been a month of struggles that in some shape or fashion will lead to triumph. I’m not exactly proud of the month, myself or the life happening around us.



What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.
~ Oscar Wilde

March has been pretty much a wash in wedding planning. I could afford it, and rightfully so. Oh wait, besides one, I guess pretty huge event – Dress shopping with my gals!

I’ve been blessed with 5 Fabulous darlings + shopping was nonetheless – fabulous. I won’t say much more about this as a post will be up shortly capturing and profiling our day of wedding fun! Just one little darling left to dress, and we can put up the big check mark on the official list.

Gone are the days of despair, struggles and depression. April, I welcome you and your showers as a month of cleansing + renewal. While I could give myself fully to others it’s OK, and much needed, to take time for myself. April, you will remind me to take time for myself and set time aside to continue on with wedding plans. The world has not stopped; however, offered another hurdle to master. Peacocks can jump, right?

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