Briderella: the shoe that fits!

I had a fairy shoemother – or two – with me when I set out to beginning my wedding shoe search. I had no idea what I wanted. Okay, maybe not. I had some idea of what I wanted or not wanted.

1. I wanted something with a modest heel.

2. No strappy, fancy, only wear once shoe. 

3. Mustard Yellow? Peacock? Red? I<3 Color 

4. Sturdy, comfort and cute.

Not too much to ask for, right? Out of all those shoes to choose from in the world, I can manage to find one pair, right? Heck, I found my one guy. Shoes should be the – nope, can’t say it. Although, it wasn’t a difficult task, it was at times overwhelming, daunting and even intimidating. But.. give me the largest mall in the nation at the palm of my hand, there is bound to be some process made. In my case, a purchase!

With my two fairy shoe-mothers at my side, I started my hunt at Nordstrom Rack. What more can you ask for other than rows of shelves of shoes? High heels, low heels, black, leather, bows galore. Perhaps, too many choices as I was quickly overwhelmed. Three shows later, I walked out without the pair

Second is the best, right? While I felt a bit defeated staring at the open sea of shoes filling DSW, I continued on. I mean, I had 8 months left to go. I was by no means in a crunch or rush. Until, my eyes found the second love my life. Modest heel, check.  Multiwearable, check. Sturdy, comfort & cute? Super cute, sturdy and 98% comfort. Color? Yes, I can say they are not white and I’m absolutely 100% in love with them!

This Briderella has found her shoes and is ready for her horse-drawn carriage ride to the ball.

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