Music to my ears

I returned from a work potluck to find seven missed calls on my phone. Seven?! Yes, seven. The culprit? Z. Immediately my heart dropped. Any consecutive call from the same person within a short amount of time is never a good sign. And, with all the ish we are dealing with, seven missed calls was grounds for something not-so-happy.

Did you call me.. seven times?”

“Yeah.. ”

“Well, OK… what’s up?”

“I was freaking out… I was calling you because you always seem to know what to do”

“..because you always seem to know what to do”

Sure, I could be angry at him for calling me seven times because we was freaking out over a minor issue. I could be frustrated that he didn’t learn his lesson from last time. I could have went off on him for nearly giving me a heart attack and for giving me more to worry about and coach him on. But, I wasn’t. One deep breathe and instantly, his music to my ears suddenly became my music to his ears.

credit: Joelle Anthony

I wouldn’t say I have answers to all of our problems we face; however, knowing that you think I do makes me feel as thought the power of the world is in my hands.  Thank you for showing me a new depth of our love – confidence and trusting that when one of us has lost our path, the other will know how to lead you back.

Take my hand. We’ll make it, together.

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