Bed, Bath & (JR) Bridesmaids

If you know me, you know that family means… more than I explain. Basically, it starts and end with family. Without them, you have practically nothing. My family expands beyond my blood brother and parents. From the time  the final Lee-lovie made his presence in this world, my life has included two brothers and 4 sisters. Lucky me.

From before day one, my wedding party decision has been the hardest decision I’ve had to make – thus far. While I forced myself to hone-in on my thoughts and make a decision, my heart wasn’t completely sold on it. Sure, I’m 100% happy with my FabFive, don’t get me wrong. I love my gals dearly and I wouldn’t change my decision. But, it just didn’t feel.. complete.

Well, the story to how I got to my decision and “OK’d it” with Z, is long, tiring and really nothing to share with others. What matters is that, although we may have disagreed with a choice, I defended my reasons with pure emotion and love. And, Z took time to think about it and realize the importance it had for me.

We were in mid-gift shopping for his cousin’s wedding gift in the kitchen towel aisle at Bed bath & Beyond when suddenly – yes, this is going to sound like a movie scene, but its exactly what it felt like – Z pulled me up from searching through the three green options for fern, wrapped his arms around me and while peerign down at me – he’s definately grown taller –  asked, “What does a junior bridesmaid do?” with his infamous side smirk.

I’m not usually great with spur of the moment explanations; however, it must have came out gracefully and convincingly because before I knew it, we were adding three junior bridesmaids. My heart fluttered in completion as I fell even more in love with my future husband. While 5 sounded like a wonderful number; I’m elated to have 7 girls on my side.

Girls, you have been the most excited to be apart of my wedding, as I’ve ever seen you be excited. Thank you for insisting on being a bridesmaid from day one – never letting my heart settle with my decision. While I’ve probably been apart of most, if not all, of your life-long memories, I cannot imagine my wedding memories without you in it. My day will be even more special with you. Please, don’t make me regret this.. Behave. Make me laugh + I’m sure, there will be no lack of memorable moments. Love you with muh whole heart – the mostest. I win.

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