Celebrating our Engagement

Story time. let me tell you the story of how we celebrated or engagement.. per Z’s decision, unannounced to me.

A little over a month after Z asked me to marry him, he decided that we needed to go out to dinner. Okay, I’m not complaining. Dinner is lovely. Where we going? Well, I should have figured something was up when he said to dress nice. Okay, no questions asked.

Before we know it, we were finely dress, cruising to downtown Minneapolis in my oh-so cute Saturn. Oh yes, be jelly. Although I don’t know where we were going, I was in charge of directions. Ok… so we get into a parking lot and out to the street to walk around the entire block before familiarizing ourselves with where we were.

Dinner was at Fogo de Chao. Surprise! Neither of us had been there. So instantly we were taken over with awe and newness. Escorted to our seats, and introduced to our server, we were anxiously awaiting a feast! As our waiter took our menus, my eyes darted to the swarm of servers around us delivering meat to the tables beside and back to our own in wonder and awe. There it was. Surprise, again! 

On my plate sat a small finely wrapped silver package – out of nowhere, or so I thought. Thinking the restaurant offered gifts to all of its female guests, I was in love already! Woah, woah… open the gift up and it’s definitely not from the restaurant, but very own loser.

As if the ring and the engagement itself was not enough, he decided we should celebrate our engagement with an additional jewelry gift – a gorgeous necklace. Serious? Oh yes. Well, what can I say?  I love you, too. And I’m so blessed to be your loser.

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