I am: runner.

Please avert eye attention from my winteresque legs.

I’m back, Jack.

I may not be running marathons out of the starting gate, but mini runs, I will take.

While stress can do a number to ya, it did a complete 360 to me in the last two months. (enter future blog post about destressing, here). In short, I’ve been frequenting the chiropractor for the last month an a half getting realigned. In the meantime, I was put on workout-probation. No running. No weight-lifting. No cross training. Nothing.

Pretty much my whole 2 months of New Years resolution ass-kicking was now spun 360 and I was sidelined. Oh, I could walk. But who has time for hour + walks every day? Not this girl.

Anyway, after much anticipation, constant self-assurance that I was doing what was best for the long run, and patience – yes, I had a little – I was cleared to run on Monday, April 9th.  If I had the energy, I would have ran out of the clinic into a mini-run sesh. Well, still listening to my body and taking things slow, I waited – until Tuesday.

Two runs in this week – albeit mini seshes – they were still running sessions. You know, my feet leaving the pavement in a rhythmic pace, headphones on while I sucked air. Man, not working out for a month will kick your butt. But, I’M BACK!! I am no where near a marathon race; however, 20 minutes of solid running right now is pure bliss.

So, perhaps I’ll have to tweak my 12-in-12-in-12.. just maybe. I’ll be honest, I haven’t looked at my drafted schedule yet because, well, I fee defeated. I’m off my mark by 3 months and now what? Well, now I start from square one, plan for the future; forget the past. Who knows, maybe I’ll make my 12 mark after all? I mean, this bride can run..

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