4 Tips to a Successful Flower Appointment

Flowers, shmowers. That’s how I role. I do not have a green thumb, nor a garden nor do I find myself stopping to appreciate a beautiful flower bed. My mom, aunt and gramma? Why, yes, they have an appreciation for florals that well covers my lack-there-of.

So, when it came time to look into wedding flower, I was a fish out of water. I knew two things: 1.) I cared enough to not want fake flowers. and 2.) NO MUMS. The end. Throw some beauties together and call it a day. Okay, so I knew better than to gather wild flowers in November – but you get my point. Open book.

So I started with a local wedding fair at my venue site, The Fountains of Ramsey. I spoke with a couple florists at the show about what they do, looked at their examples on-site and just put my feelers out. I was able to get an idea of price – rather high end and rather inexpensive. Moving forward, I picked up on a comment a family friend made about interest in florals and wedding planning. Done. Coffee date it was.

With very minor research, I made a date with my friend to grab coffee, talk wedding in general and touch on florals. In prep for the meeting, I did a little thinking, very minor research and prepared my mind to be open and ready to brainstorm. Four tips to my successful flower “appointment” are:

Know your budget. Know the monies in your hand and be upfront and open about it. Sure, an orchid may be pristine, but is it work the major bucks? Roses are timeless and there are countless other flowers that you will not be aware of. Know your numbers – both budget numbers and number of bouquets, corsages and boutineers you will need. Numbers, numbers, numbers.

Be open to suggestions. Unless you’re a horticulturalist or flowers are your passion, be open to what the florists have to say. They know flowers, obvi. Let them make suggestions and let yourself be open to viewing, thinking and flexible.

Trust. Be honest with yourself, what do you want? If you don’t know what you want, then trust the florist – by all means, they are a florist for a reason. And, if you have hopefully done your research and either made an appointment with someone a friend recommended, you have personally used in the past or their products are displayed for you to view. They (should) know what they are doing.

Start with color. You already know your wedding colors so Google them; see what flower colors have been used in other weddings. Think of the contrast you’d like to see – do you want them to pop out, blend or compliment your dress choices? What colors do you like? A lot of flowers come in a lot of colors (so I’ve learned!). Having a starting point with colors can lead to a guide of flower options.

My flower appointment was one of the best appointments I’ve had thus far. Being open to discussion, trusting opinions and knowing my budget made our first round of ideas a cinch. I mean, how can you go wrong with a little wedding sesh over coffee?
Yes, please; let’s do it again. Everyday, OK? Thank you!

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