What’s your wedding theme?

When I first cracked open the books, meet with a wedding planner and started my Pinterest research, theme screamed at me. I had the courage and confidence to ignore it. However, it seems to be haunting me. Theme, theme, theme… do you see it trailing behind me? I sure do feel it.

What is my theme? Good question. I don’t necessarily have a theme. Nor do I care for one, want to think of one or put a label on my day. Why? Perhaps because right now, it’s just another thing to do. And yes, quite frankly, I’m a little lazy. So be it.

So when a random coworker asked me what my theme was as the starter of our discussion, like usual, I denied having a specific theme. Because, I don’t. Or, so I thought.

When I think theme, I think… barbie wonderland, English tea party, New York City. You know, a big, off-the-top theme. Well, themes can be far from a big haulapalooza event. Themes can be, as in my case, are as simple as: organized, simple yet stunning, formal fun.

So yes, there in lies my theme.

Organized. Obvi. Do you know me? It will be planned to a T, organized and smooth sailing.

Simple, yet stunning. Just because I have a great attention to detail, doesn’t mean I am extravagant or over-the-top. No. I’m very simple, with a touch of fab. And, it’s held true thus far. Our location, DJ, attire and as invitations are shaping – simply chic.

Formal fun. Formal elegance filled with the Cassidy fun! Is there anything else to say about that? Nope.

My theme is simple and true to me, Z, us.

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