Happy Birth-a-versary!

Happy Birthday to the bestest Aunty and friend a gal could ask for. Words are hard to come by when it comes to this woman. What this woman is, does and means to me and everyone else in her life is remarkable. Thank you for being you and sharing so, so much with me. I’m so thankful God made you to be my Aunty, friend and woman you are.

And at the same time, happy anniversary to one of the most inspiring, mentoring couples in my life. Your love, friendship, partnership and Christian life you lead is inspiring and a constant reminder that true love does exist. Thank you for all you do without knowing you do it. May you be blessed with many more years together as friends, lovers and partners in crime.

Her sweet husband shared his birth-a-versary card with the family after our family dinner. In honor of their 24 years of marriage, and 7 years of dating, he shared 24 things that made her special to him. Some sweet, corny and seriously remarkable. The kids had their own two sense – oh, to be a child again. To add to the already multitude of specialness about you aunty, I will add just this one thing:

Your constant devotion to support + mentor is just one of the many reasons you are special to all of those in your life, especially me.

Z + I have a lot to look up to and lean on in our years ahead. With the mentorship and examples you two set,  we would be blessed to be anything like you. Our marriage is sure to be one of a kind with great influences from our upbringing and family relationships. Thank you, family and dear friends, for your examples of right, wrong and sometimes just plain out crazy love. Laughter + love. friendship + faith. Respect + rejuvenation. We are destined to be the losers loves He has set us up to be.

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