Cuff Links: April Sprinkles

April, my love, a breath of fresh air and sense of renewal. After a gruesome March, it’s nice to look back at April and not only wonder where it went, but smile at the fond memories of the many wedding bits. Between the hours at the hospital, time at Z’s house and my BFOTB weekend away, there appears to have been plenty of time for a sprinkling of wedding! Yay! Let’s start adding the sprinkles now, shall we? Yes, please! Watch as you don’t let this little fro yo sundae overflow!

We began the month with discussions of honeymoon destinations lingering. Where oh where to go? What could we possibly afford on top of the ginormous amount we’re paying for a wedding?! Because yes, we did not include honeymoon expenses in our budget. Woopsies! Have no fear, our awesome travel agent helped us find a tropical, newlywed-friendly local in the heart of the Caribbean! Ya, mon.

With the honeymoon booked, it only made sense to grab a few sips at Yum! And discuss all wedding details with a family friend and future floral artists of this big shindig. Yes. Our florists is chosen, and I could not be happier. You’re too sweet, know exactly what I would like and completely understand my desire of organization, detail and planning.

To top the awesomeness off, my mini-vacay out to Virginia was beyond what was expected. Giggles, Chic Fil-A breakfasts, shopping and never-ending discussions filled the air. Lovie Lexi went on to walk away champions as the BFOTB walked away with her dress choice made. And, a little cherry on top, we decided on the perfect way to accent the JRBMs with a peacock style. Almost checking the whole dress arena off the list…  in just.. one.. more.. minute.. BFOTB, you done yet??

Let’s throw the cherry on top and call it a day. Engagement pictures (round two). Yes, we had a dear friend and aspiring photog take our photos in the fall – loved them! So, our spring evening shoot at Lake Calhoun was a second date with out wedding photographer. A chance to get to know each other, goof around and have some fun with our newest friend – Eileen. The shoot was a hoot; the photos continue to make us smile at the time we had, and the connection with Photog Eileen is a live and buzzin. While we do have a bit of homework and practice to do, November, we are ready for you.

Double cheery on this sundae, as of late last night, not only was it my dearest Aunty’s birthday, but Z and I were able to celebrate a little loser love over dinner + an impromptu registry date at Target. Yes. We started… and it’s yet to stop! Yikes! But way to throw you into a reality: we are getting married! 

Thank you, April, for being the breathe of fresh air that’s knocked me off my feet and engulfed me in a sea of grace. My heart, mind and arms are open to all that is in store for me in May. And boy, do we have a fun ride in store! Eek!

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